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Goatvargr - Goatvargr

Goatvargr is an unholy union between Goat and Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. This isn't the first time that they have appeared together - a split single between Goat and Nordvargr's Folkstorm project was issued a few years ago. Goatvargr is the first collaboration between the Swedish and American noiseniks, though, and its a hellish beast spitting noise with sinister dark ambience and the occassional appearance of ritual percussion. There's strong Satanic undertones here - the disc is adorned with a pentagram - but aside from the bestial moaning that underpins a number of tracks here much of Goatvargr could quite comfortably sit within the noise genre. 'Filthdaemon' is awash with low end rumbling, crackling textures and sheets of crunching noise punctuated by the odd feadback squeal as it surges with ferocious intensity. A hovering mechanical hum of black static interference creates the atmospheric noise of 'Droning Hades'.

'Realms of the Goatvargr' is a careering wall of abrasive noise, with high end frequencies slipping out. It subsides long enough for groaning dark ambience and gutteral moaning. The entire Goatvargr release is dedicated to Quorthon of Bathory who was found dead in his Stockholm apartment in June 2004 and as is fitting the album hinges around the expansive 'Beyond the Quorthonian Realms'. A threshing sound slices through the shimmering ambience before it is obliterated with an unremitting barrage of black noise. 'Goatlord Rising' offers pounding, rhythmic noise augmented by varied shrill frequencies. There's a few moments of ambient drone before abrasive atmo-noise coalesces over pounding ritual drumming. A series of frequencies are unleashed on 'Drunk On The Blood of the Goat' over a powerful electro-throb, and lashings of crunchy noise that eventually succumbs before orchestral ambience blends into silence.

Goatvargr was constructed from each artist working the other's source material so the darker material probably came from Nordvargr but Goatvargr is a fine noise release that most noise connoisseurs will appreciate. And if you're a satanically inclined black metal fan with a predilection for noise then all the better. For more information go to