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Habeeb - Il Cancello di Morte

This is ostensibly a small CD of reverberating deep ambience from Habeeb, on the Somnambulant label. Somnambulant (formerly Somnambulant Corpse Recordings) specialise in professional short run CDs of dark industrial and black ambience. Habeeb slip well into that niche genre; each of the three tracks have a chill to the spine. Neither overworked or drawn-out (the entire CD runs a mere 18 minutes) the only downside to Il Cancello di Morte is the lugubrious voice on the opening track, 'Massacres of the Innocent', and the pulsating industrial electronics of 'Keepers of the Death Gate'. Fortunately these overwrought voices appear briefly rendering this short collection of stark deep ambience worthy of investigation if the genre is of interest. For more information go to