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Harvest Rain - Evening and Devotion

Evening and Devotion is a 7-inch EP released last year by OPN of France. Harvest Rain is a South Carolina based outift lead by Jason Thompkins. The four dark folk tracks here largely recall the work of Death In June. The chiming acoustic guitars, spartan percussion, and the vocal delivery all at times bring to mind Death In June circa But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? There's a real sense of melancholy here to the dark folk of Harvest Rain. In their defence Harvest Rain remain free of runic sleeves, and odinistic lyrics. Their music is more autumnal and contemplative, especially 'Raincloud With A Name'. I understand that some of these tracks previously appeared on the hard to find and expensive Thaglasz Security of Ignorance boxset. It's competent stuff and while it doesn't break new ground it's pleasant enough and should find willing ears amongst those who enjoy the works of Death In June, Sol Invictus and Backworld. OPN have just released a full length album, Night Chorus, featuring contributions from Axel Frank (Werkraum) and Tor Lundvall. For more information go to