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Hexentanz - The Sabbat Comes Softly

Hexentanz is a collaboration between Psychonaut 75 and the Soil Bleeds Black. The Soil Bleeds Black are medieval renaissance men while Psychonaut 75 are exponents of dark dance music firmly rooted in the occult arts. Together they explore witchraft and sorcery in the middle ages such as 'The Osculum Infame', the kiss of shame given by heretics to the Devil. Psychonaut 75's rhythm provides the impetus while the Soil Bleeds Black supply the melody found on The Sabbat Comes Softly. The music ranges from funereal procession music to frantic ritual drumming. I may be mistaken but I'll be damned if this didn't incorporate William S Burrough's narration to Witchcraft Through The Ages. This is the first release from Hexentanz who are scheduled to continue this collaboration via The Fossil Dungeon label.

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