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High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star - High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star

High Aura'd/Blood Bright Star coverThe latest single from Baltimore's Anti-Matter label features Massachusetts based John Kolodij's High aura'd with Reuben Sawyer's Blood Bright Star. It's an enticing pairing, as both artists complement each other with instrumentals that are evocative and quietly uplifting despite their differing constructions.

High aura'd's contribution here is like listening to the aftermath of a storm, as drizzling rain and windswept hues give way to a pensive atmospheric hum where ringing distorted guitars meander gently before swelling into a loud cyclical buzzing drone accompanied by faint ethereal vocals that lift this up towards the heavens. On 'Remain In Light', John Kolodij, aided by the airy harmonies of Glenna Van Nostrand (of Omnivore), creates a slow, moody construction using volume and an assortment of guitars - including acoustic, electric and pedal steel - and field recordings.

Blood Bright Star's 'Golden Blood Part II', on the flip, hinges around a Krautrock groove fleshed out with tumbling guitar notes and some classic pedal steel touches. Those light rippling tremolo effects cast against some distorted tones, are played out in a bluesy, psychedelic and atmospheric manner conjuring up visions of barren American landscapes.

While their modes of operation differ it's a well matched pairing as both instrumental tracks unfurl slowly, building gradually, with High aura'd's track more contemplative than the propulsive groove of Blood Bright Star. Both of these could have gone on far longer, as they're pretty much curtailed by the single format but it's a well executed, finely balanced single that's both calming and evocative. Released in an edition of 250 copies on mint-green vinyl in hand printed gatefold sleeve. For more information go to