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Hirsute Pursuit - Tighten That Muscle Ring

Okay boys this one's for you. Hirsute Pursuit create gay sex music for the dancefloor and the bedroom. Hirsute Pursuit are Harley Phoenix and Bryin Dall. While Harley Phoenix remains an elusive figure, Bryin Dall is known for his work as 4th Sign of the Apocalypse and Lorettas Doll, and as the main collaborator of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in Thee Majesty. The uber-masculine atmosphere of Tighten That Muscle Ring is set against dance beats filtered through an industrial mindset. Tighten That Muscle Ring follows their debut release, That Hole Belongs To Me, which created something of a sensation when tracks first aired on My Space a few years back. Within a short space of time Hirsute Pursuit were eliciting gushing responses from both the gay and straight community for songs such as 'Cock Thoughts'. It's no wonder since the explicit male sexual content was free of the stereotypical gay sound found on bland techno. As Hirsute Pursuit make plain: The music is real. The sex is real. And there's plenty of it to be found on Tighten That Muscle Ring.

Like their first album, Tighten That Muscle Ring, opens with a cover version. This time it's a stripped back version of David Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging', featuring that bastion of male dominance Boyd Rice on vocals. Surprised? Well maybe but lines like "When you're a boy, You can wear a uniform" when delivered in his calm, smooth spoken monotone over rhythmic drums and scratches, fits well with the Boyd Rice oeuvre.

Boyd's contribution, though, acts as mere foreplay to the main deal, as it switches with the explicit order "You need to please me, boy" to create the highly charged male sexual atmosphere of 'You're Here To Please Me Boy'. Amongst the drum rhythms, low bass tones, heavy breathing and sexual moaning Harley Phoenix immediately takes control of the proceedings with his litany of sexual demands. It's simple "You're here to pleasure me. You're here to serve me. It's not about what you want. It's about what you can do for me" Harley Phoenix commands. Both 'My Pleasure' and 'Fuck' continue the dominant theme. First up is 'My Pleasure' with its instructive lyric over low-pulsing bass and hip-hop beats, and then it's 'Fuck' where Harley offers some complimentary and encouraging words over pulsing, throbbing electronics and powerful crashing rhythms. The sex here is raw and aggressive. "I don't care if it hurts", this is pleasure no matter the cost.

The sound of gay sex is rampant through Tighten That Muscle Ring, especially on the explosively rhythmic 'Big Time' which appears to be made up of samples from gay porn. 'Daddy Bear', meanwhile, plays out to recordings of real sex. With low and slow bass tones over languid trip-hop rhythms the entire track is an orgy of sexual groans, hardening into distorted throbbing electronics as it grinds its way to climax. Not all of Tighten That Muscle Ring is fuelled by tight and muscular rhythms. 'Slow Ride In Kentucky', which follows the industrialised big beats of 'My Pretty Pink Hole', features more electronic manipulations than the other tracks offering a processed atmospheric workout. Similarly 'One Sleazy Night In Bangkok' and its partner 'One Sleazy Night In New Orleans' which feature some of the last works from Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson of Throbbing Gristle, Coil and SoiSong push Hirsute Pursuit into experimental areas.

Given Sleazy was critical of Boyd Rice in later years, you might be surprised, as he may have been, to have found himself sharing album credits with Boyd. As Sleazy sadly passed away before this was released we'll never know now. Setting that issue aside, Sleazy's first appearance features on a soundtrack of explicit male fucking writhing amidst Coil-like fragmented and frozen electronics, with a downbeat rhythm shot-through with excerpts of Harley's explicit sexual orders. The other, 'One Sleazy Night In New Orleans', is altogether more surprising in the context of Tighten That Muscle Ring capturing as it does a cinematic, barroom feel with its countryfied guitar twang and mournful melodic harmonica playing, laced with the octave shifted voice of Harley Phoenix amidst the sexual groaning.

There's a whole bunch of remixes that allow you to grind away, and even more on the subsequent Boyd Keeps Swinging 12-inch if dancing is your thing.

Tighten That Muscle Ring is a sleazy, dirty, filth filled romp - which at points is kinda funny too. The last time I heard so much gay sex was on A Viable Alternative To Actual Sexual Contact from Vague Terrain Recordings. In a blog on Regen mag Bryin Dall spoke of how everyone from dominatrixes to middle American housewives to straight men were getting off on the sounds of Hirsute Pursuit. So it's clear you don't need to be a bear or gay to get off on Hirsute Pursuit but it might help. For more information go to

Hirsute Pursuit - Boys Keep Swinging from Tighten That Muscle Ring

Boys Keep Swinging from the first ever live performance by Hirsute Pursuit on 7 September 2012, a secret show as part of NY fashion week.