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His Divine Grace - Die Schlangenkönigen

Die Schlangenkönigen is the second CD from the mysterious European outfit, His Divine Grace. Die Schlangenkönigen is based upon the Ernst Jünger's book Auf den Marmorklippen (translated as On the Marble Cliffs). Albin Julius is becoming something of a lightening rod for beautiful, orchestral sounds. Die Schlangenkönigen, like Unity from Our God Weeps reviewed last month, features lush semi-orchestral sounds that are tranquil and sombre. Die Schlangenkönigen combines spoken passages and environmental sounds to stunning effect. 'Der In Blätten Lebt' segues from weeping strings and the ache of a cello into the sound of a windstorm. The nearest comparisons would be Simon Fisher Turner's glorious soundtracks to the Derek Jarman films in the way that music, spoken word and effects are interwoven. The major downside of this release is the spoken word is delivered in German. In no way does this diminish the melancholic air that hangs over this, but I'd like to think that an English version would be forthcoming of this absorbing release.

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