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IANVA - La Ballata Dell' Ardito

La Ballata Dell' Ardito (which translates as The Ballad of the Ardito) is a mini-CDR from Ianva, as a taster for their forthcoming full length CD Disobbedisco (translating as I Disobey), a concept album based on an impossible love affair between two protagonists during D'Annunzio's Conquest of Fiume. Ianva are an Italian project who describe themselves as "archeofutursitic", and are inspired by Italian culture in music, word and cinema specifically of a decadent and romantic persuasion.

The music on 'La Ballata Dell' Ardito' is lush with a sparkling trumpet score, and graceful accordion score. The second track switches from a gentle piano score and yearning female vocals through full ensemble playing to passages of pumping accordion and beerhall male vocals. Its theatrical and so out-of-step with contemporary music it recalls the European cabaret of the forties and fifties and rekindles the European sensibility captured so beautifully on Scott Walker's Brel recordings and on Marc Almond's Jacques and French albums. So its hardly surprising to find Ianva delivering a commendable live version of Brel's 'Amsterdam'.

Ianva is a collective project including members of Cult Italian groups Malombra, Helden Rune, an ex-member of Wagooba, members of black metal groups alongside classically trained musicians. They all share a passion for Italy and on the basis of La Ballata Dell' Ardito Ianva ought to appeal to anyone moved by Morricone inspired Death In June, Novy Svet, Ain Soph or those who yearn for decadent European ballads as favoured by the likes of Marc Almond, Gavin Friday, Scott Walker (that would be anyone inspired by the works of Jacques Brel, I guess) and Black Sun Productions. For more information go to