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ID - Proton One
Contagious Orgasm - Loop Floor
dab.ay.ah - Find The Canyon
Detonator - insert title
Suggestion Records is a German label specialising in beautifully packaged one-off releases.

Proton One is a 10 inch release from ID featuring Ashley Davies of UK experimentalists Project DARK, Headbutt, Chemical Plant etc. Proton One features several short pieces derived from tone generators and studio trickery inspired in part by legendary oddball sixties producer Joe Meek and previous D.A.R.K. releases. Highlights inlcude the multi-tracked tone generator of Kashmiri Sweater and the expansive The Assassination of Lieutenant Golightly which deconstructs records featuring Holly Golightly (of Thee Headcoates). Given the layers of electronic drone and looped sounds - you'd be hard pressed to spot her. ID is Ashley Davies most recent musical project, and Proton One appears on 10 inch vinyl in a cut-out chequered sleeve.

If, like me, you're under the impression that most things emanting from the Japanese underground fall into two camps: unflinching noise or some form of psychedelic rock. Think again. On Loop Floor, Contagious Orgasm display a willingness to explore various musical avenues. Oriental chanting, looped noise, disembodied voices, polyrhythmic percussion all appear at some points in the shape shifting miasma of sound. Full colour wrap around sleeve on coloured wax.

Find The Canyon from Finnish hypno rock-project dab.ay.ah immediately calls to mind the psychedelic swirl of Loop and the sludge rock of Splintered and Skullflower. It doesn't bring any new (or fresh) ingredients to the table but does arrive in a fold-out sleeve punctuated by cut-out holes.

Ashley Davies reappears as a member of Detonator with fellow Project Dark member Matt Scott, alongside the playful pop vocal of FinDeSiecle's Isa Suarez amidst tinkering percussion and booming bass. Something Wonderful on the flip side covers the same oddball pop territory, with the addition of accordion. For some reason it's reminiscent of Stereolab or sixties female fronted French pop. Great stuff and definitely pick of the batch of Suggestion seven inches.

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