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In The Nursery - Cause and Effect

After 21 years and over twenty albums this represents the first ever full length remix work of In The Nursery. Throughout this period In The Nursery have enraptured listeners with their neo-classical work of cinematic proportions. It's been a particularly European vision heightened by the bilingual Dolores Margarite C.whose operatic soar has featured on numerous compositions by the Humberstone twins.

Cause and Effect looks to the ethereal and industrial dance fields for remixers and as such the music here is either pulled in a dreamy or electrobeat manner. The source material is good - strings swell and are extended, rhythms heightened but, with a few exceptions, none overshadow the beauty of the set.

Particular attention must be drawn to In The Nursery's interpretation of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart (again)'. Apart from the comparisons that have constantly dogged In The Nursery over they years this is a near flawless orchestral rendition.

In The Nursery remain one of the UK's most hidden treasures let's hope that Cause and Effect finds fresh ears. For more information go to