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In The Nursery - Engel

Don't be fooled by the title this is neither a reference to Scott Walker nor the German philosopher as Engel is yet another stunning neo-classical release from the Humberstone twins. Engel is inspired by and specially created for the multimedia game project Engel, designed by German publishing house Feder and Schwert. Engel follows on from their previous studio offering Groundloop yet it seems to adopt the filmic approach as exemplified on their Optical Music Series of soundtracks to silent films. A near flawless production reveals a highly stirring and atmospheric piece of work that ranges from the sombre sounds of 'Panoramicum', the inspired reworkings of 'To The Faithful', to the aching 'Aftermath'. The familiar trademark military snares features as does the exquisite voice of Dolores Marguerite C who delivers the vocals to 'Angelorum' in a mixture of French, German and English. A whole gamut of emotions is expressed from inspiration to desperation, loneliness to longing via lush string sections, and orchestral flourishes. Engel represents another class release from In The Nursery.
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