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In The Nursery - Hindle Wakes

The latest CD in In The Nursery's series of Optical Music is out now. Hindle Wakes is a double CD set of the Humberstone twins soundtrack to Maurice Elvey's 1927 silent film, Hindle Wakes. In The Nursery recently completed a series of dates across the UK where they performed a live accompaniment to the film. In their distinctive style ITN revisit the Northern town of the 1920s, the amusement parks of Blackpool, the rollercoaster rides and listen out for the ITN take on traditional jazz music. It's a stunning album, amply demonstrating why ITN have provided material for film soundtracks and trailers including Interview With A Vampire and, uh, Erin Brockovich. Meanwhile, their score for Man With A Movie Camera is now available on DVD from BFI films. For further information go to