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Inanna - Day Ov Torment

Day Ov Torment is another worthwhile reissue from Cold Spring, this time delving into the death-industrial archives to resurrect this 1993 release from Inanna. Day Ov Torment originally saw the light of day on Staalplaat when Mikael Stavöstrand was still recording as one-half of Archon Satani. Day Ov Torment should be viewed alongside the Cold Spring reissue of Archon Satani's Mind of Flesh and Bones, where Mikael Stavöstrand firmly took control, taking Archon Satani into the soundtrack styled bleak atmospheres that define both that release and this reissue of Day Ov Torment.

Mixed by J Havukainen of In Slaughter Natives, Day Ov Torment unleashes nine slabs of pitch-black doom ambience, thunderous drumming, gloomy orchestration, heavyset droning, electronic shudders and shrieks and beastly mutterings and groans. There's a risible structure to the tracks on Day Ov Torment. It's filled with grim defiance and a horror film aesthetic dripping with intent and implied dramatics. 'Zounds' opens with windswept ambience as a flurry of drums swell into a relentless tirade of ritual-industrial rhythms, cutting to a distant funeral march before regrouping with a frantic climax of crushing beats and gloomy atmospheres. 'Her Essence' unfurls to the the rising strains of a gothic organ, as spartan death beats are plundered and demonic voices rise from the fiery pits of hell, surrounded by the clanking of percussion and reverberating electronics. Its apocalyptic imagery is unmissable. Timpani drums thunder to the roar of processed industrial washes and the incessant chug of distorted strings on 'Ancient Flesh'. Elsewhere, there's the martial industrial strains of 'Zonei' and the expansive creepy ambience of 'Submission To Solitude 1 - 3'.

The death-industrial sound of Day Ov Torment is almost synonymous of what would later typify the output of the Swedish Cold Meat Industry label. Listening back it has clearly stood the test of time and you can quite clearly detect its influence on later releases in the genre. Out of print for years this reissue features remodelled artwork carried out with the usual Cold Spring finesse, so if you missed out first time around you really don't want to wait too long. For more information go to