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J.A.R. - In Theory and Practice

There's certain charm to be gleamed from J.A.R. a UK based three piece all with backgrounds in the punk scene. Not that you'd guess as this is quite a curious item in a spray painted jewel case that harks back to the early era of industrial music. There's a certain restraint and low-key experimentation throughout In Theory and Practice that makes it appealing. It's particularly grey and doomy where arching electronics mix with looped based effects throughout. 'Hands To Eye' with its bubbling analogue electro pulse and wordy vocal explorations comes across like Throbbing Gristle. 'Today..' with its sci-fi seventies synth sounds and electro tones harks back to forgotten industrialists Konstruktivists. On 'The Surgeon said ...' simple swollen melodies merge with cascading voices, while edgy electro tones blur with rattling metallic percussion on 'Swollen Upwards, Hitting Down'. I can't lay claim to this being ground breaking but if you're looking for prime experimental electronics or miss the halcyon days of industrial music then you ought to check this out. A new J.A.R. release, All Paths Bleed To Glory is due soon with Thighpaulsandra and Siôn Organ producing. For more information go to