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Jac Berrocal and Andrew Liles - Rock 'n' Roll Station

Rock 'n' Roll Station is taken from a live performance from Jac Berrocal and Andrew Liles recorded at Les Voutes, Paris in October 2007. Liles has performed this live with David Tibet and Steven Stapleton as Nurse With Wound, who of course have turned their hand to this track. On this version, spread over both sides of vinyl, he works with Jac Berrocal, the original composer of Rock 'n' Roll Station who recorded this with Vince Taylor, an ageing rock 'n' roll performer, on the 1977 album Parallèles.

Berrocal originally created this as a mini concert for voice, bass and bicycle, so it's strange to hear this in a reduced format. Liles furnishes the piece with howling keyboard billows, bass throb, and rhythmic clicks while Berrocal adds disparate parps and a loose jazz trumpet score. Berrocal coughs and splutters his way through this, his thick accented voice teasing excerpts from the original text above the rousing "rock 'n' roll" background motif, bowing out on a few lines from 'Strangers In The Night'. On the evidence of this, this seven-inch single acts more as documentary evidence of the night's performance rather than as a standalone entity in its own right. Fantastic artwork from Julien Pacuad though. Rock 'n' Roll Station is released in a numbered edition of 493 copies on white vinyl from Vultures Musick. For more information go to