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Janitor - Receiving A Flower on Mother's Day

I wasn't too impressed with Bocksholm Lina Baby Doll's recent collaboration with his Raison d'Etre namesake, Peter Andersson. Janitor, however, catches Lina Baby Doll and Benni Nilsen (of Hazard) in a jovial mood. There are plenty of dark moments here but there are also moments of light.

Receiving A Flower on Mother's Day covers a lot of territory from the dark percussive rhythms of 'All That Is My Own'. A Nico cover version (from Desertshore) that recalls the heathen bombast of Der Blutharsch Then there's the twisted Sado Masochism of 'Lacerate Your Mother's Neighbour' that comes across like an industrial pastiche of a psychedelic Velvet Underground, while the aggressive 'Mother's Womb' is closer to the primitive electro rhythms of Suicide. The cold industrial atmospherics of 'Bestraffningen' is reminiscent of Deutsch Nepal's finer moments. It all closes with the quite pointless power electronics of 'The Four Humours'.

Receiving A Flower on Mother's Day is in no way an essential release but it proves to be something of an amusing sojourn for these collaborators. For more information go to