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Jowonio Productions - The Meat and Bread Variations

Jowonio Productions have just released the follow-up to the acclaimed hands/birds EP. The Meat and Bread Variations features icy electronics and a dash of controlled noise with Japanese noisenik Merzbow, toy town electro beats, and a remarkable cover version of Current Ninety Three's Imperium II. Each track displays a different facet to this experimental outfit featuring poet John Siddique.
Forget the full on noise assault the Merzbow collaboration here is restrained and atmospheric, several tracks adopt a warped electronica feel using locked grooves, or dance beats, while the Imperium cover utilises harp and spoken word. Great work. Next up from the prolific Jowonio Productions are contributions to a Coil tribute CD, and a 10 inch on the US label Beta Lactam Ring Records. For more information go to