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Jowonio Productions - Hands/Birds

After releasing material on the Twin Tub and Beaver label, and contributing to V/VM's Privileged Frames of Reference Jowonio Productions have just released the mini 10 inch vinyl LP, Hands/Birds. It's an ambitious piece of work ranging from the electronic glaciers and glitches of Nine Part One, to the full-on electronic noise of Hard Paki. Several tracks adopt a more spoken word approach fusing John Siddique's poetry to the experimental stylings heard to best effect on the title track, featuring location recordings and fragile vocals. Orders purchased direct from Leohtan additionally include a free CD. The Great High Rise Escape features two live excerpts one of which makes superb use of Burrough's Calls The Law over discordant and offbeats jazz sounds. After the setback Jowonio Productions had with their last LP (it remains shelved after its intended label wound up) Hands/Birds should see Jowonio Productions recapturing lost ground. A new 10 inch on Beta-lactam Ring Records is on the cards too. For more information go to