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K. Meizter - Travelling Light

This is an impressive piece of work. Travelling Light is his first solo debut CD release of K. Mietzer, a member of the Swedish dark ambient outfit Beyond Sensory Experience who have released material on Old Europa Cafe and Cold Meat Industry. I've never heard them so I can't say how this compares. There's a real minimalism in the work of K. Meitzer. It's unhurried in nature, lead by rhythms with subsonic bass and woven with textures ranging from ghostly voices to whistling. The electronics are obviously derived from someone involved in dark ambient but the rhythms are propulsive, light and clean. Whether they are aware of it or not at times Travelling Light kinda taps into the type of thing Scorn and Ice were doing way back in the nineties: melding dark ambient to dub rhythms. The dub rhythms of 'Play It As It Lays' merged with deep bass, the sound of shuffling feet and whistlin' is truly captivating in its simplicity. Even the voice of Charles Manson that appears on 'Honesty Through Paranoia' doesn't detract from the industrial rhythm and ominous keyboard drone. Travelling Light is infused with a calm, propulsive air which at times beggars comparison with what I've heard of the US artist Tor Lundvall in that Travelling Light is sketched in a hazy, half-light with light, feathered keyboards, industrial rhythms and environmental sounds.

Travelling Light is released in an attractive oversized cardstock cover, containing the CD in card slipcase with booklet of accompanying text and images. It's a work of outstanding beauty and poise, and one worth investigating if the above sounds to be of interest. For more information go to