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Kirlian Camera - Kalte Container

Kirlian Camera - Absentee

Radio Luxor have just published Kalte Container a 98 page A5 book devoted to Kirlian Camera, who for more than 20 years have pursued an eclectic musical approach including industrial, darkwave, ambient, neo-folk to pop music. Kalte Container documents a tragic story of mishaps, misfortunes, near misses, numerous line-up changes and label crashes. Angelo Bergamini, the founder and balaclaved leader of Kirlian Camera, has in his years in the music industry worked with Popul Vuh, Conny Plank, John Fryer, Italian ambient group T.A.C., and performed on a German hit record. It's a testament to his iron will that the band continues and in fact at the moment they appear to be experiencing something of an upsurge in popularity. Kalte Container provides a history of Kirlian Camera, interviews the chief protagonists and provides an extensive discography. Their influence has been wide and the accompanying CD features remixes from Allerseelen, Sword Volcano Complex, (John Murphy's) Shining Vril and Sixth Comm amongst many others.

Concurrently Kirlian Camera have just released the Absentee EP which perhaps explains why they've never made much impact in the UK. Despite being expertly put together with its electro beats, melodic female vocals and a diluted avant garde approach it never really shakes off a sort of Euro pop feel. For further information on these Radio Luxor releases