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Kreuzweg Ost - Edelrost

This is undoubtedly the most unsatisfying release to emanate from the Cold Spring stable. The majority of the tracks here are based on black industrial atmospherics, a heady mixture of rumbling electronics, thunderous martial drumming, amidst war ravaged sounds and voices. The bleak oppressive sound herein captures the chaos and fear of the battlefield. Samples (often sped-up or slowed down) feature prominently on most tracks alongside passages of orchestral strings but I can detect little to recommend this. To be fair 'Eiserne Menschen' with its industrial drone and weeping strings peppered with female voices is effective in its restraint and its avoidance of orchestral bombast and martial effects. It's followed by 'Zum Appell' littered with spoken word and frenetic voices that pierce the industrial droning and powerhouse martial drumming. Throughout passages of symphonic music arise adding to the urgency and desperation of the piece. Like others, Kreuzweg Ost have adopted Arabesque percussion. Eastern beats provide the template for 'Die Legion', alongside haunting cello and the frantic grasps of a terrorised woman amidst the turbulent sounds of war. Its difficult to penetrate the bleak sound of Edelrost and distinguish between tracks. Although 'Lebmuhl' closes Edelrost with a recording of a crackly German folk song over ominous droning.

Kreuzweg Ost have certainly created an oppressive black sound but for some reason this sounds like black metal musicians composing black industrial music. For more information go to