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Kriegsfall-U - Kriegsfall-U

The debut CD from this mysterious Hungarian project opens to stormy sounds and thunder claps. Oration is delivered in their native tongue, as crowds roar and drums beat out a martial rhythm. This pretty much sets the scene for the remainder of this CD, which is largely martial ambient and post-industrial where pounding drums and looped melodies provide the backdrop to a series of speeches and intoned lyrics. Kriegsfall-U have derived their inspiration from historical figures from their own culture: Bela Hamvas and Blessed King Charles, being the central figures here. 'The Great Man I - The Stance' comprises martial drums and oration. An organ enters into the fore with a repeating melody that never obscures the spoken word, that remains commanding and effective. It is nostalgic and subdued, as it wrestles with existential questions relating to the essence of a 'great man' and an 'authentic life'. Texts from the Hungarian philosopher Bela Hamvas form the basis of this track, 'The Great Man I - The Stance', and the later reading of 'The Great Man II - Realisation'. 'Those Who Are Still Waiting' opens with archival orchestral arrangements that segue into spoken word over industrial atmospherics. In the background the distant sound of snare drumming can be heard alongside sacred choirs, before ending on Hungarian folk music. The pounding drums and bleak post-industrial distortion of 'Porta Heroum' is the most direct track here, a chest-beating call to arms. It's followed by 'The Ancient Lords' which utilises Hungarian folk music throughout punctuated by passages of spoken vocals, thunderous drums, and choirs.

The entire project has arrived fully formed, fusing philosophy, art and politics - but the overriding martial atmospheres are so generic they don't sound disimilar too Der Blutharsch, early Laibach and countless contemporary groups currently producing martial-industrial. A lot of research has been put into this project - the packaging is stunning - but I'm afraid that this one is for the hardened military neo-folker. For more information go to