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Last Dominion Lost - The Tyranny of Distance

The Tyranny of Distance is the title of a one-off release from Last Dominion Lost, a trio of Australian industrial-experimentalists featuring John Murphy, Dominic Guerin and Jon Evans. Both Murphy and Guerin performed with proto-industrialists SPK with Guerin being an original and pivotal member until the release of Leichenschrei. The music on The Tyranny of Distance is best viewed in this context as it shares some striking similarities. Primitive industrial rhythms, with a slight tribal feel, nestle alongside noise loops. Recorded in Australia in the early nineties it's a raw vision of savage Antipodean industrial music. Raw percussive beats are draped in electronic shudders. 'Empty Tombs' veers towards the harsher end of the noise spectrum, while 'Forbidden Whispers' wraps a collection of disparate tape loops over incessant beats. The sounds are relatively raw and under polished - it was remastered from the only surviving cassette copy - but thanks to Klaus at Tesco it helps fill a gap in the vast discography of percussionist John Murphy. Limited to 1000 copies on CD, and 800 vinyl copies from Tesco Records. For more information go to or