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Luftwaffe - Trephanus Uhr

Trephanus Uhr, the latest release from Chicago based industrial-folk outfit Luftwaffe, appears to comprise three components. The harsh industrial NON-esque compositions, the acoustic folk songs and the collaborative efforts with Richard Leviathan of Ostara and Douglas P. of Death In June. Luftwaffe create effective industrial atmospheres through swathes of harsh electronic noise interspersed with sample and dialogue and declamated lyrics. The constant martial rhythms and occassional orchestral effects ensure easy comparisons with NON's epochal live recording In The Shadow of the Sword. Several tracks including 'A Terror Campaign Without Higher Authority' and 'Patterns of Force' adopt a harsher outlook but it remains derivative albeit more technologically proficient. A folk based approach hangs over 'Kronostory' and 'The Dead Do Not Revolt' incorporating gentle flute but the vocals remain rooted in a masculine and stern manner. Trephanus Uhr really picks up on the collaborative tracks. Ostara's Richard Leviathan delivers esotericism over acoustic guitar and spirited trumpet score on 'The 10th Avatar'. On 'The Non Man' Douglas P.'s refined tones are set against a backdrop of acoustic guitars and kettle drums recalling early Death In June. Both tracks are free of the industrial posturing proving the age old adage: less is more. Stripped of its 'apocalyptic folk' Sol Invictus' 'Fields' is effectively rendered in a mass of repeated voices and rolling drums.

Trephanus Uhr touches upon the cliches of the genre and for that I'm not convinced that Luftwaffe are in a position to march in line with NON, Blood Axis or exciting acts such as Foresta di Ferro or Werkraum. Hardcore enthusiasts of the industrial-folk genre may think otherwise. For more information go to