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Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles - Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured

Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured features an original collaboration between Mick Harris's Lull and Beta Cloud's Carl Pace, originally released as a 3-inch CD in 2008 on Laughing Bride Media. The new Cold Spring edition, with brand new artwork, is bolstered by a radical remix from sound artist Andrew Liles.

The opening moments of the original piece feature environmental sounds such as street chatter and passing traffic - as if caught from an open bedroom window. Although existing simultaneously with Scorn, Lull was born as a project for Mick Harris's beatless excursions. It's more than probable therefore that the slight rhythmic undertow of gentle pummel here was supplied by Beta Cloud's Carl Pace. Either way, it is there underneath the lulling ambient shimmer and low, low shape-shifting drones that comprise 'Circadian Rhythm Disturbance'. With voices half-glimpsed voices set against slight changes in tone with the occasional piercing frequency, the overall atmosphere remains foggy and muggy with muffled indeterminate sounds succinctly conveying the feeling of insomnia where sounds are detected but never fully deciphered. And while it captures the hinterland between sleep and an attentive waking state, the end section delves deeper into denser and murkier terrain with lolling dark ambient reverberations, capturing the frustration and anxious moments of sleep deprivation.

The Andrew Liles remix is altogether different, and with its recurring cuts, it seemingly captures cycles of interrupted sleep patterns. Liles' time with Nurse With Wound is brought to the fore with the sound abstractions on his 'Another Toothpick' remix. Drone sounds are cut with grainy ambient rhythms. Moments of silence and squeals are replaced with industrial drone, ambient shimmer and grainy clicks and cuts. Those clicks, it could be argued, might even represent the interrupted ticking of a clock. Liles' 'Another Toothpick' remix becomes more of a headfuck later on with thumping heavy charges and escalating drone attaining a heavy rhythmic force with its stuttering beats and charged explosions. The entire piece sounds like an abstract collage of disquieting tones spliced with moments of silence before returning to the street chatter that opened up the original, That, however, would be failing to mention the short passages of harpsichord, jet engine propulsions, bells and electronic thuds and the ambient drone and shimmer that underpinned the original work by Lull and Beta Cloud.

As the original edition of Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured was limited to a mere 100 copies or so, this haunting sound creation was ripe for rediscovery, and here alongside Andrew Liles's skull-smashing radical remix, it's a more than worthy (re)issue. For more information go to