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Merzbow - F.I.D.

With F.I.D. the ridiculously prolific Masami Akita returns to reclaim his King of Noise title from all the young pretenders. F.I.D. appears to be a return to analogue noise, with each track on this double CD set complimenting its counterpart in terms of construction. 'Exteriorization?@No.1' is feedback laden outpourings over crunchy electronics and distant carousel music. It's by far the harshest Merzbow I've heard in long time, and closer to the power electronics of Consumer Electronics and Whitehouse. The other two tracks on disc 1 take in the rhythmic noise of 'Seitaka', a pounding distorted rhythm surrounded by controlled feedback howls, and 'Forest of Kelp', a veritable collection of sounds of noise fashioned as bird calls, Moroccan music and truly fried guitar amidst phaser like pulses. 'Exteriorization?@No.2' layers feedback and sonic woosh as it careers onward, over oscillating tones and stuttering electronics as it is sucked into a swirling vortex of sound. 'Transition' veers from stuttering and fluttering drones, through crunchy abrasive noise and oh so many textures and pitches. It's sheer lack of cohesion is irritating though. It all ends with 'Kongara' an incessant machine like rhythm laced with yet more feedback howls. It's repetitive nature redeemed by the ever changing tones, and some clever scratching going on where you can clearly see that there is a master craftsman at work here.

F.I.D. recalls a much earlier period of Merzbow, when his noise excursions were produced on analogue equipment and before he co-opted digitial recording techniques for his noise composition. Don't bother with his frequent collaboration that appear with increasing regularity as F.I.D. is a furious piece of work and a thrilling reminder of his harsh noise output. And meat eaters can placate their conscience as the kindly Vegan noise musician is donating £1 from each copy of F.I.D. (Fur Is Dead) sold to P.E.T.A. For more information go to