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Merzbow - SCSI Duck

Given the abundance of material out there it's very difficult to determine which Merzbow, if any, is worth picking up. SCSI Duck on the UK's Fourth Dimension label is the latest I've come across since A Taste Of... on Austria's Mego label. Before Elsie and Jack, Blast First, Work In Progress, Fat Cat etc. discovered the joys of Japanoise Fourth Dimension had already been there. (Curiously though, despite being around for well over a decade with a long list of titles Fourth Dimension releases never seem to gain reviews in The Wire.) They were one of the first to dip a toe into the Japanese noise market so I was curious to find out what sounds they'd secured from Masami Akita aka Merzbow.

I'm pleased to report that SCSI Duck is pretty good stuff all the way through. SCSI Duck is carefully controlled, ranging from the clatter of 'Greenman' to the gush and howl of the other three tracks. In my opinion Masami Akita's musical output has gone beyond noise. SCSI Duck is a veritable rush of energy; a form of cleansing for the mind. The subtle nuances of the layered noise commands attention and if you're listening at a reasonable volume it can easily dispel your everyday thoughts.

I'm quite taken with the cascading layers of 'Rock Me Booa', and the incessant churning of 'Herpos Suite'. Irrespective of this review Merzbow completists will have inevitably already sought this one out but SCSI Duck is a good one and it would make a useful entry point for those not yet acquainted with the Merzbow sound. For more information go to