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Miles Faber - Next Age Songs for Marching Armies

This release is most outlandish; devised by Italian born, now New York based, female artist Miles Faber. Written, produced and self-released by the performer herself. Electronic sequencer based with a fair amount of scrambled sound distortion the most bizarre child like vocals, like Laurie Anderson rushing into a head-on collision with Front 242. 'War Machines' is sort of industrial funk if one can imagine such a fusion, a bit like Mark Stewart and the Mafia without the preaching. 'Ship Battle' which is more dark ambient, could possibly be compared with some of Coil's work in this genre. The last track, 'The Doubt of Winners' is astonishing, reminiscent of Jack Or Jive, extraordinary and beautiful with uneasy overtones. A very endearing and unique CD. As each track unfurls, one is never sure quite where its going to end up. An original talent that needs checking out urgently. Two more releases are planned for 2006. For more information go to or either of the Tesco Distribution outlets or (review by Mike Shankland)