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Mushroom's Patience - Spirit of the Mountains

Mushroom's Patience is an Italian collective and this, 'Spirit of the Mountains', is a companion release to the Hau Ruck CD/LP package 'From The Mountains'. Both, I believe, are inspired by the esoteric writer and mountaineer Julius Evola and fuelled by a number of drinking sessions. A hazy, lazy atmosphere - tinkering percussion and some spirited trumpet playing, distorts everything on Spirit of the Mountains. It's perhaps the continual brass segments that infuse the music with a European psychedelic feel. A whole array of instrumentation is plundered from organ to saxophone to various toy instruments. I'm not entirely sure how this compares to earlier releases, as the group have been in existence since 1985, but if you like abstract melodies and the work of Novy Svet then there's sure to be something of interest here.

Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch produces this, and various members of Novy Svet are involved here too. If that doesn't help the nearest comparison I can offer is Volcano the Bear - and that's a group most closely linked to the warped genius of Steven Stapleton. For more information go to