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Muslimguaze - Speaking With Hamas

Speaking With Hamas is the third in Staalplaat's bi-annual series of 'Best of Muslimgauze' limited edition CDs designed as a sampler to Muslimguaze's prolific output. Speaking With Hamas was compiled by Bryn Jones himself in early 1997 and is taken mainly from the Black September and Deceiver releases. An extra previously unreleased track is included too. If you want to discover what all the fuss about Muslimgauze was then this is a worthwhile introduction to an extensive canon of work.

Other new items on Staalplaat include Twoinone by L@N who feature Otto Müller and Rupert Huber creating bizarre polka-like techno-anomalies, and Obsolete by Time's Up a laboratory for the construction of experimental situations who tap into the world of lost but not forgotten worlds and media. Contact: