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NON - Children of the Black Sun

As NON, Boyd Rice was proclaimed the King of Noise for his unnerving early sound experiments utilising various homemade devices. On God and Beast he even revisited earlier noise forays such as 'Out Out Out' and a much overdue studio version of his wake-up call 'Total War'. In a live setting his sound can feature air raid sirens, whistles, and delayed electronics. For Children of the Black Sun he returns with what is quite possibly his most refined effort yet.

Children of the Black Sun is steeped in mythology and displays Boyd's esoteric interests more so than any of his earlier releases. It isn't going to push any buttons or offend anyone's liberal sensibilities - there's no Social Darwinism or text lifted from Ragnar Redbeard's Might Is Right here. The only voices to pierce the darkness are non-English and quite possibly gibberish.

It's a nocturnal underworld of pitched sounds, abrasive and undulating drones, cavernous rumbles and sustained eerie ambience. It's the point where weeping voices, and angelic choirs can meet. Children of the Black Sun is quite simply minimal and intentionally so.

Children of the Black Sun accompanies Boyd's studies of the Grail mystery in the publication Dagobert's Revenge. It reflects Boyd's ongoing interest in Gnosticism and esoterica and compared to his earlier releases that others considered to be impenetrable walls of noise Children of the Black Sun could easily be recommended to the uninitiated. Initial copies feature a 5.1 DVD with wraparound sound. For more information go to or