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Naevus - Behaviour

Naevus spearhead a cluster of London based groups including Leisurehive, and Womb. I was impressed by their previous release Soil (on the Greek label SPKR) and on the evidence of Behaviour they've been able to consolidate their position with this collection of 14 tracks.

Unlike countless others Naevus's dark-folk isn't shrouded in the mystical or the mythical, they don't embrace the warrior ethic nor pay allegiance to crypto-pagan organisations. Naevus is a much more personal odyssey of one Lloyd James. His twisted vision of personal reflection, introspection and snippets of poetry is swathed in highly rhythmic and disciplined dark folk music. It's arty and angular and for that alone I consider them the Wire of the dark folk genre.

The searing and soaring guitar of Karl Blake (from the Shock Headed Peters) and the meticulous percussion of John Murphy features throughout but even excluding their contributions this is an effective and assured release.

Behaviour is released on Operative Records, a London based collaborative venture involving Knifeladder, Andrew King, Anti Child League and many others. Naevus will be performing live on August 11th at the Verge, Kentish Town. Others appearing that night include Andrew King and David E. Williams. A launch party is being planned for Naevus's Behaviour and the first full-length release from Knifeladder.

Behaviour is available directly from Naevus. For more information go to