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Naevus - Sail Away

Naevus, the musical project of Lloyd James, is one of the more exciting outfits from the UK. Folowing releases on Operative Records and the Greek label SPKR this EP released on Albin Julius' Hau Ruck imprint should increase their profile somewhat. The acoustic driiven 'Sail Away' augmented by accordion may just be the one to push them into the major league. It's a beautiful melody and while comparisons with Swans and Death In June remain, Naevus are pursuing ther own vision and these are really just pointers. This EP combines their terse melodic tracks with a number of tracks of atmospheric dischord. However 'The Body Speaks In Tongues' with its bass throb and treated vocals is one of the least satisfying tracks from Naevus. I much prefer their plaintive acoustic tracks. They are certainly worth following up on and if anyone can supply compulsion online with a copy of the session Naevus recorded for Radio Heimdallr we'd be grateful. For more information go to or