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Naevus - Days That Go

Naevus are full of surprises. As their latest three-track EP proves they sit uneasily in neo-folk/dark folk circles. Just listen to the sprawling electric guitar lines that feature on the first two tracks, with the fractured lyricism of Lloyd James, delivered in his calm infused tones, intact. 'Ramar House' leads with a needling twisted guitar line, and while the acoustic guitar is more noticeable on 'Suitable Simon' it is Greg Ferrari's post-punk electric guitar that takes prominence, backed by a barrage of rumbling drums, provided by Hunter Barr of KnifeLadder. Days That Go is characterised by Lloyd James' abstract and obtuse lyricism combining personal insight with mundane events, while 'Suitable Simon' is laced with cryptic humour of the blackest variety.

The poised slow strum of 'Events' typifies the usual Naevus sound. With jangling guitars and a sloppy bleepy bass line it is skilfully stretched into one of their lengthy excursions to glorious effect. The last Naevus album, Relatively Close To The Sea, was wilfully eclectic as they stepped into unfamiliar territory. Days That Go marks something of a move into post-punk minimalism. Who knows where they go from here but it's another fine release from Naevus, a group who really deserve wider exposure. Days That Go is a limited edition 12-inch vinyl release on Hau Ruck. For more information go to or