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Naevus - Go Grow

Naevus sound good here. 'Go Grow' is a slow building track based around acoustic strum and rolling drums with Lloyd James's clever, twisted lyrics; a bizarre combination of eels and chewing gum. Keyboards, cello and an accordion-soaked mid-section continue the musical subversion. The flipside is a neat nod to Naevus collaborators, with cover versions of tracks by Womb and David E. Williams. 'Now That I've Paid For You' channels the post-punk of Womb through straightforward melodic acoustic strum, drenched in cello. 'Stephanie, I Forgive You', meanwhile, returns to the familiar acoustic guitar/accordion set-up for David E. Williams sardonic alcoholic love song. 'Go Grow' is released on 7-inch and a wonderful prelude to the new album, Relatively Close to the Sea. Go get. For more information go to