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Neither / Neither World - She Whispers

Neither / Neither World the San Francisco based outift lead by the seductive and misanthropic Wendy Van Dusen return to the fold after a few years in the musical wilderness. On She Whispers Neither / Neither World have dropped the serial killer fixation and apocalyptic folk pretensions. On She Whispers Neither / Neither World manage to marry a wide range of influences without diluting their own haunting dark sound. It's sultry, seductive and rather dark. I can't help thinking of Mazzy Star, Throwing Muses or the Pixies when I listen to this. Superficially its maybe down to Van Dusen's vocal but together with the spacious guitar work and taut bass you'll hear where I'm coming from. 'I'll Disappear' even reminds me of the Pastels, or Belle & Sebastian with its girly pop and harmonica. 'Hell' is a sultry bluesy workout wheres Dusen playfully yearns to be called a whore.

She Whispers is a fragile and seductive record which amply allows Wendy Van Dusen to play the temptress to great effect. I hope they manage to find an audience because this is credible alternative rock record which may come as something of a surprise to collectors of Hau Ruck. For more information go to