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Nobody - News From Nowhere

A Gothic keyboard sound and repeated refrain of 'Great Happiness' opens News From Nowhere the latest release from the incongruously title Nobody. Nobody is the solo project of Stefano nbd. An air of melancholy and love of minor keys hangs heavy over News From Nowhere. A stark production of precision strumming, soft synth washes, spartan percussion and a collection of taped sounds reveal an obvious affinity with Death In June. Nobody's music exhibits a similar dreamlike presence but Nobody stretch the templates more than enough to exist in their own right. 'Different Ways' features timpani percussion, while a sad trumpet calling and orchestral flourishes enhance 'Hantise II'. Throughout News From Nowhere Stefano compliments the sophisticated music with ruminations on heaven and hell. News From Nowhere is an album that conjures up ghosts from the past. Nobody: a name that will soon be on the lips of all folk noir lovers. For more information contact