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Nocturnal Emissions - Electropunk Karaoke, Live In Europe 1998/99

Electropunk Karaoke, Live In Europe 1998/99, is the title of the new Nocturnal Emissions CD due to be released early next year. It captures Nigel Ayers in live mode and it's one we're patiently awaiting as we caught the Nocturnal Emissions in London as part of the Space 1999 campaign and were thoroughly entertained. Read the compulsion online review within the July news. To quote form their advance news: "Back on the microphone, Nigel Ayers reveals once again the acid wit and iconoclasm that made the Nocturnal Emissions legend. In Electropunk Karaoke, he raps and rants his way through a selection of cranked up block rocking classics. The most exciting Nocturnal Emissions release in years - with rough and tough breakbeats and message of peace and harmony - this is the Emissions in classic form." Advance orders for Electropunk Karaoke, Live In Europe 1998/99, are being taken now at a special reduced price of £12, includes postage, payable to N. Ayers. Contact Earthly Delights, PO Box 2, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0YY, UK or go to http://business.vir