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Novy Svet - Chappaqua

Chappaqua is the latest CD from Austrian outfit Novy Svet. Chappaqua, as ever, features the idiosyncratic sound of J. Weber's pan-European outfit where vocals are delivered in a combination of Spanish and German tongues. Compared to prior releases Chappaqua appears to feature more studio trickery though it's still difficult to pin Novy Svet down. At times they deliver traditional folk somewhat akin to Ain Soph, at others times, such as on 'Con Corazon' and 'Marlene', the sleazy barroom beats make them closer to the Bad Seeds. The title track meanwhile is a foreboding instrumental piece and the looped samples of 'H' resembles a pared down Der Blutharsch. Overall, though, throughout Chappaqua, Novy Svet continue to combine elements of chaos, a somewhat drunken attitude into something quite unique. For more information go to