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Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting

Who would have guessed that a clipped quote from Lautreamont would signal the first of a million releases from one of the most enduring underground and experimental acts, Nurse With Wound. Under the twisted vision of sonic outsider Steven Stapleton, Nurse With Wound have produced everything from the icy electronic sound of Thunder Perfect Mind, to the spastic rhythms of Spiral Insana taking in all points in-between. Sonic surrealists? Musical dadaists? It's over 2 decades since the trio of Steven Stapleton, Heman Pathak, and John Fothergill who with no prior or formal musical training whatsoever entered a recording studio in London to spew out Chance Meeting. With a shared love of experimental music, avant gardisms and a high quotient of black humour Chance Meeting.. became a wholly improvised affair of electro hum, erratic rhythms, fuzzed guitar and a multitude of noises cajoled from their collection of instruments and home made sound devices.

This revised edition housed in a brand new Babs Santini design features original artwork, Steven Stapleton penned liner notes and an early Nurse review. It's additionally bolstered - perhaps needlessly - with 'Strain, Crack, Break' where Tibet recites every entry of the infamous (and at points fraudulent) list of Nurse inspirations. This is a 21st Anniversary edition so heaven forbid that the Nurse now attain a modicum of maturity. So go on replace those old vinyl copies, or original CD pressings (my Psilotriptika's set's gone bronze anyhow) and if you're experiencing this for the first time pick it up and hear what the fuss is all about. You may never listen to music in the same way ever again. For more information go to