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Ô Paradis - El Juego Negro

El Juego Negro is the latest EP from the much underestimated Catalan project Ô Paradis, and the inauguaral release on the Autre Que label, operated by two former members of Heimdallr webzine.

Along with Juergen Weber of Novy Svet, Ô Paradis offer one dark, moody track paired with a sunny, uplifting track which roughly translates as Juergen singing the dark, and Demian offering the light. It works magnificently. 'Black Wings' is based around a ragged array of percussive devices, with Weber's voice flitting between a gruff Tom Waits rasp and a pained Jhonn Balance scream. From coarse spoken word to fleeting moments of insanity, it unfolds to a fluid bass loop and organ chime.

'30 Monedas' is a combination of crunchy percussion, soft meandering basslines, augmented by kettle drum beats. Demian's voice is solemn and understated and bathed in warm, Mediteranean harmonies. A strong melancholic air hangs over 'El que no conoce Dios' with gentle keyboard billows, crunchy percussion punctuated by snippets of flamenco guitar. Weber's hushed vocal, once again, draws comparison with Coil's Jhonn Balance as it shivers and wavers indulging in playful wordgames. It's my favourite track here. The EP closes with Ô Paradis take on Iggy Pop's 'Funtime' from the Bowie collaborative effort The Idiot, where Demian's hushed sultry voice rests over a backdrop of percussion, bells and organ stabs.

This is a great EP and will ensure I seek out the last couple of Ô Paradis releases. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of other Coil fans on this one as much of this EP conjures up similar atmosphere to later Coil releases - even the artwork is vaguely similar. But whatever, pressed on heavy white vinyl in an edition of 222 copies this is a fantastic collaboration - and much better that their earlier full length collaboration Entre Siempre y Jamás Suben las Mareas, Duermen Las Ciudades and a good omen for the future of this new French label. For more information go to