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Ô Paradis - Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol

The sea is a recurring metaphor in the work of Ô Paradis, used to express the infinite and symbolically represent the storms and calms of life. Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol is a particularly accomplished release that sets Demian's soft and melodic vocals against a fine array of musical textures. The accompaniment is restrained, and particularly understated. Vocal harmonies, touching orchestration, minimal percussion utilising a myriad of devices all combine to create a captivating release. The arrangements are particularly effective often built around the bass, and layered with keyboards, xylophones, flutes. Demian's melodic Spanish vocals ensure a melancholic air hangs over Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol Occassionally a more traditional Catalonian feel permeates the atmosphere, track 13 even adopts a swingin' trumpet score to which Gerhard (from Allerseelen) recites from Nietzsche. The involvement of Gerhard of Allerseelen and Juerger Weber of Novy Svet (see next month for a review of the Ô Paradis and Novy Svet collaboration) will undoubtedly assure Ô Paradis a significant audience within the post-industrial crowd, but along with Allerseelen, Derniere Volonté and others who are actively adding fresh ingredients to the staple post-industrial sound they could easily increase their profile. There are a number of great tracks here but I'm particularly taken with 'Ida Y Pingala', 'Llama' and 'El Astro Rey' - previously available on a split single with Allerseelen. I can't help thinking that a collaboration with Marc Almond would be more than welcome. Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol with its Mediterranean spirit displays a warmth and passion that really appeals. For more information go to