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O.O.O. - A Presence

O.O.O. have been quietly channelling Lovecraftian horror and occultic terror for quite some time now. This is the third O.O.O. release we've reviewed and I still don't know any details about them. Compared to the other two release Slow Thaw and Ignis Fatuus which featured short sketches of atmospheric horror styled ambience, A Presence is the most complete and most satisfying release. And yet with only four tracks and a running time of 12 minutes or so, the O.O.O. certainly can't be accused of padding out their releases but A Presence more so than the other releases really captures a cinematic horror feel with a wisened twilight cosmic vibe. You can hear it in the dark shimmering drones of 'The Horror Begins' and in the creeping tension of 'Seven Candles'. 'Possession', the longest track here, captures a denser, swirling cosmic eeriness contrasted with hazy hypnotic passages, while the delayed, reverbed feedback of 'In Pieces' creates an icy tension with a dank undertow of doom laden atmospherics.

Over the course of two years and a number of CD-R releases and a constant presence on soundcloud the O.O.O. have displayed their disposition towards the haunting and the ghoulish but from what I can gleam, A Presence may mark the end of this elusive, shadowy project. A Presence is available on CD-R in a small run while others can hear what they've been missing on soundcloud.