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O.O.O. - Ignis Fatuus

The mysterious O.O.O. return with a new full-length CD-R., Ignis Fatuus. Once again O.O.O. conjure up eerie dark atmospheric ambient sounds. We reviewed Slow Thaw an earlier release and referred to it as sound sketches, and Ignis Fatuus pretty much continues this approach, with a number of tracks that overlap from that release. This is still great stuff though. For the most part Ignis Fatuus consists of dark electronic drones drawn from a love of horror films, gothic fiction and supernatural terror. It's effective in its simplicity. Just listen to the scraping black drones of 'Black Moss', the scraping psychedelic tones of 'Acid Grave' and 'Azimuth', with its spiralling queasiness and wind-drenched hum. There's more windswept hum on 'Bouche d'Enfer' with eerie organ chime. It vaguely recalls a lo-fi version of Mick Jagger's moog soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother. The closing track 'Verdigris', just seconds shy of a 7-minute duration, is the longest track here, and is nicely constructed from a wavering frosted atmosphere, built from layers of hissing and quivering keyboards. Due to its construction it's possibly the only track that could work standalone in its own right. Yet without downplaying the other tracks that are shorter sound sketches the entire thing is in a word: haunting. The CD-R version is a mere £2 and you can listen to much of this and more for free from their soundcloud site or download for free from Ignis Fatuus is available on CD-R in an edition of 30 copies from Frozen Tendril Records. For more information go to