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Onomatopoeia - A Marble Holder From Andover

I met Steve a while back at a Dieter Müh show and got talking and he mentioned that he ran the small label and mail order outlet Cheeses International. So you must be Ono-Mat-top-oeia, I hesitantly mouthed. He agreed but explained he never heard it pronounced so slowly. That's beer and poor memory recall for ya. Anyway, A Marble Holder From Andover is his latest release, from his long-running improvised noise project who have a number of short run CDs, and various collaborations available. A Marble Holder... appears to be something of an archive release having originally been recorded in 1996. Instruments used include metal percussion, reverb spring, shortwave radio, found tapes and various unusual items. Onomatopoeia opt for something far restrained than the obvious all-out noise preferring a more improvised approach. In fact, there's a great deal of gentle reverb, and tinkering percussion employed here. The quiet experimental sounds slip into noisier collaged styled moments but distinct instruments can still be heard, before sidling into varied squeaky and scratchy effects before closing with some easy dancehall swing sounds. It's only 20 or so minutes long but its carefully constructed. For more information and to enquire about their mail order outlet contact