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O.O.O. - Slow Thaw

Slow Thaw is the first EP from O.O.O. I'd be hesitant to call this a proper release as Slow Thaw features eight shortish sound sketches inspired by a love of horror films and gothic short stories. Nothing here has been fleshed out to any great extent so what you get is a minute or so of a basic theme. The bubbling electronics of 'Philtres', the shrill, waspish shriek of 'A Cup of Stars', the apparent stillness of 'Hernswolf'. Things aren't always what they seem. On 'Elfydd' treated voices sounds like shingle on a beach and the loops of 'Ghost Sickness' sound like a pack of rabid dogs.

'Death Rattle' picks up on a dark ambient fog with added shakers. I find 'Sotto Voce' quietly expressive. I picture a view of pastoral English countryside, in a seventies horror film, hiding some malevolent beast. In fact all of Slow Thaw is quite understated, nothing is obvious and some form of lurking menace is always implied. As it is it's pretty underworked but the intent is definitely there. Lovers of ghost fiction and supernatural horror will be able to pick up on the uneasy atmospheres and if you enjoy the works of The Triple Tree, English Heretic or the now defunct Queasy Listening label then this will take you to the same dark places. Much of this can be heard and purchased from their myspace site but 50 copies have been produced on CD-R. For more information go to