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Ozymandias - Layla

A classical sculpture, and a Byron quotation are to be found on the sleeve of Layla, an album from Ozymandias inspired by cinematic features such as Un Soir Apres La Guerre, Okaeri and the US independent feature Buffalo 66 (Vincent Gallo, the director, has his own CD, When, out on Warp Records). Layla exudes class, and is built solely around instrumental piano compositions by the Swiss musician Christophe Terrettaz. As such there's little development between tracks. Instead the listener is treated to introspective tender piano pieces. It's a brave release from World Serpent, a distributor normally associated with dark folk, as Ozymandias have more in common with - okay it's a cliché - Michael Nyman. Chamber music for the terminally depressed. For more information contact