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Purest Spiritual Pigs - Purest Spiritual Pigs

Purest Spiritual Pigs is the musical project of Helena Thompson, a Minneapolis, Minnesoata, based artist. Thompson previously worked under the name One Human, but with Purest Spiritual Pigs she intends to make it a more collaborative venture enlisting the talents of choreographers, artists, and other musicians. She certainly sounds a ballsy type of woman as her sultry drawl intones lines like "I am the bad seed", pilfering the key lines from The Doors 'Light My Fire' over subtle electro rhythms and forlorn bluesy bass. At times this self-released debut CD EP takes a taut Swans acoustic strum into chiming indie-goth territory, while 'Remains' leads subtle ringing guitars so beloved of 4AD artists into forms of dark rock. The best, however, is 'Picking Myself Up' where Thompson's kick-ass vocal is fed through a megaphone over layers of shifting guitars. It's a refreshing take on a well-worn form, and the artwork courtesy of Umberto Crenca is splendid. For more information go to