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Radial - Nexus

Under the astute guidance of Mitchell Altum the US label Triumvirate have sought and secured releases from particularly fine exponents of rhythm 'n' noise. Triumvirate specialise in high quality graphic design and technically polished releases. The New York based sound artist Radial is the latest to join others such as LAW, Veil of Secrecy and Dissecting Table. Nexus is split between barrages of electro-noise offset by melodic ambient textures. The sound sources used throughout are more common with current forms of electronica but the rhythms are firmly in industrial territory. The softer electronic noodling will undoubtedly make the rhythmical noise more approachable and appealing but it is an interesting mixture of dissonance and dark ambience. I'd like to hear Radial hold forth on the monolithic slabs of industrial rhythm and provide more variation. In doing so they could certainly progress outside the industrial ghetto. That aside, Nexus demonstrates that Radial have a tight grasp of rhythm 'n' noise and this is a worthwhile CD for anyone interested in noise and dark ambient musics. For more information go to