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Reutoff - Gure Nacht, Berlin!

Reutoff are certainly one of the more active outfits operating within the dark ambient genre. Gure Nacht, Berlin! appears to be their 3rd full length CD since their formation in 1988, and one of three release currently available (the others being a 10-inch on Der Angriff and a limited LP, Maska, on Eibon). Melancholic industrial electronics appear to be the order of the day here. With slow pensive beats and a flickering melody 'Die Sunden Der Vater' is certainly one of the standout moments. All in all this is a strong dark ambient release occassionally let down on tracks such as 'Lineria Me (edit)' as they involve rather pedestrian samples. At these points Reutoff appear almost indistinguishable from others operating in the genre. Much more satisfying is 'Die Rote Fahne' that features ambient drone over the scratches and clicks of a vintage Russian music hall song. Overall this is a very slow moving soundscapes from this Russian outfit. Gure Nacht, Berlin! is released on Albin Julius's Hau Ruck label. For more information go to reutoff/